I'm so excited! Tomorrow Art Square Amsterdam starts. Today I brought my work I want to show (and sell!) to the pavilion (at Museumsquare) in which the Art exposition will be held. It is one of the most famous places in Amsterdam, in Holland, where three of the most important museums in Holland are situated. The Rijksmuseum (with work of Rembrandt, the Nightwatch, and more Dutch masters), the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum (Museum of modern arts).

I'm proud of myself to show my work in such a famous and well-known place, the centre of arts in Holland!

Coming weekend I'm showing and hopefully selling new works. Many city views of my hometown Haarlem, an old Dutch city with a beautiful historic centre. But most of he workis related to,  of course, Amsterdam. Which also use to be my hometown for two years.

I'm excited and proud because people are beginning to see my personal handwriting, my own style and stories I like to tell. And they tell me they like it! So I can't wait to drive to Amsterdam tomorrow and show it to the world! 

After that the even more highranking international Art Fair Rotterdam will follow in September. Can't wait either. First Amsterdam. Wish me luck!